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SB101 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 2pk

‘Ultrasonic’ Repellers  –  Room only
  • Just plug in - so simple and safe
  • Repel mice, rats, spiders & ants
  • No mess, no traps, no poison
These emit a very high frequency sound wave (inaudible to the human ear) that rats, mice, spiders and ants find intolerable.
Ultrasound waves lose intensity as they travel, are absorbed by soft surfaces such as carpet and furnishings and will not travel through walls. It is important that when plugged in they are not obstructed by furniture etc. One Ultrasonic Repeller per standard size room is recommended for effective pest control.

Please note – it is normal to see a slight increase in pest activity during the first two weeks after installation. The pests are simply being flushed out of the walls and hiding places and will soon disappear altogether. It is a good idea to switch off the unit every few months for a day or two, or alternatively install in a different power point. This helps prevent pests becoming acclimatized to the effects of the repeller.
SB101 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 2pk
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